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Sunday, October 4, 2009

.: stOry abOut mY toNguE :.

-well, today i had my research presentation-
-of course la shaking-
-but really cover it-
-wif the very2 confident-
-i presenting my part-

-bru je ckap bebrapa patah-
-i heard somebody laugh-
-wt derk jerk la-
-both of them laughing at me-

-end of the presentation-
-one of them, asked a person from the class-
-"sape yg u rase present ok?"-
-"the 2nd presenter"-
-"nape plih dia"-
-dgn keriuhan, sebab dia cantik-
-wah, sungguh mengarut-
-wa..thats mean me la-
-ok2 rileks dulu linda-
-jgn nk perasan la-

-then, he said-
-"memg dia present ok, lancar, confident walopn taw dia x pham ap pn sbnrnyer, but yg penting skali ur pronounciation..jgn la tunjuk kter nie tipikal malaysia least wt la slang2 sket"-
-abes 1 dsj tu ketawa-
-yeah, i know i really addicted to javanese-
-i had tried everything to make my english more fluent-
-i heard all the english songs-
-i read all those books in english-
-tp still da same level-

-maybe i have to speak frequently in english-
-like i alwiz speak in javanese with my family-

-thanks for both of you-
-walopn cm sket malu td-
-but i know i have to improve my english-

*nmpknyer, i have to soften my tongue la cmnie*
*using softener or just boiling it*


.chacha fasya. said...

gune varnish pon bole..~

adnil linda said...

varnish x soften la