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Friday, October 30, 2009

.: almOst 2 yEars :.

-its almoSt 2 years-
-when u said to me-
-that we should separate-
-we would become frens-
-more closer than now-

-until now-
-u r not with me-
-u r not my fren-

*pe dia la yg ak mumbling nie*

-just go on-

-almost 2 years-
-think i'm brave enough-
-to look behind-
-searching what i want-
-find what i had left behind-

-almost 2 years-
-feel like i want him back-
-wanted him so badly-
-but i know-
-is only in my dream-

-almost 2 years-
-i revealed the secret-
-that, im not gonna forget him-

-guilty me-

*p/s : i'm wearing the necklace that he gave to me...
am i guilty???
still wondering....


.chacha fasya. said...

nape lak neh??

adnil linda said...

just wishing that the past is not the real...

:: n i s a :: said...

past will always be a past

"life must go on.."
u said to me.. :)

adnil linda said...

ak x sekuat yg ko sangka...
luaran je...


ganbate trying my best

:: n i s a :: said...

i'm not expecting u 2 b strong.
kite sume manusia bese, lemah.
tp, as long as we keep trying, then it's good enuf..

juz live ur life, syg.. :)

adnil linda said...

i'm trying....
nway thanks...