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Monday, October 1, 2012

dear diary

i got something to say to you.

this may feel strange

for the past 5 year my heart feel like a sorrow in a scarecrow because i missing the moment to love you during the first time i lay my eye on you. for me you the most beautiful women i ever meet and the most fun girl i ever get closed by. i wish i can turn back time during the night i meet you at KMM.

i love all the thing about you. love the way you smile, love the way you giggle and you want to know what part of you i love so much? it your sweet beautiful voice that seem to calm me down when ever i got the problem. you voice and your persona seem match to me and i wish we were couple back than at KMM.

every night and day i wonder what happen if we got together. i imagine you and i may live happily and we have nice home, a nice car and couple of kids that lighten up our day and share the same way i love you. i also dreaming that we get mad on each other and every time we get mad, our love on each other become stronger and stronger.

but the truth is reality is everything. when the moment you tell me you about to get marry to a soldier, i was piss. i was piss at my self because i stupid enough to let you slip out of my hand. i dreaming someday you will be my wife ,my best friend and my comforting place every time i got a problem but it crash and burn the moment i got your text around a year ago.

but that was the past and live must go on. today i cherish every moment on my day and i feel lucky to meet you in short time. i happy to know that you happy and i want you to know that you are the luckiest girl in the world because you found you soul mate. i hope you cherish him everyday.

lastly, i hope you know that i happy for you right now even i rarely contact with you because for me the most happiest thing i my day is to know that you happy with the one you love ....

P/S : i may or may not go to your wedding ceremony due to some money issue but i want you to know that as long as you happy, i happy for you

Love : fikri